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Award CategoryFinalist NameQ1Q2Q3Total
Youth Project of the YearEcho Eternal26232372
Young Innovator of the YearDalton Demaret- Smith24242472
Young Artist of the YearRhea Marcia25232371
Most Promising Rising Star in EmploymentDeclan Adkins24222369
Young Inspirational Person/Volunteer of the YearHarry Jones21232367
Young Influencer of the YearNeve Geogette24202367
Youth Project of the YearHomegrown3125192064
Young Inspirational Person/Volunteer of the YearAmani Zubair23202063
Student of the YearLuke Wilkie23221863
Apprentice of the YearAleem Hussian21191858
Young Artist of the YearJordan Windows17131343
Student of the YearNell Manley10101030
Award CategoryFinalist NameQ1Q2Q3Total