Inspirational Youth Awards Winner 2024

Renee Robinson_Apprentice of the Year
Renee Robinson - Ernst Young Apprentice of the Year
Renee Robinson, a 21-year-old Ernst & Young (EY) apprentice, is honoured as the 2024 Inspirational Youth Awards Apprentice of the Year. Her exceptional contributions both within her role and in the community make her an exemplary awardee. Choosing an apprenticeship over a conventional educational route, Renee has excelled in advocating for young people and driving social change. At EY, she initiated educational workshops in underprivileged schools, enhancing access to further education and bridging community divides. Her mentorship through the EY Outreach Intervention Programme helped at-risk students, reflecting her commitment to empowerment and inclusivity.
Abdul-Moiz Siddiqi_Innovator of the Year
Abdul-Moiz Siddiqi Project - Me-Eco Innovative Person of the Year
Moiz's brainchild, Project Me-Eco, ingeniously uses seeded paper contained in a specially designed wooden box to help individuals cope with mental health issues through a therapeutic process. This project allows users to write down and plant their worries and aspirations, effectively turning their emotional struggles into nurturing experiences as they watch their plants grow. This physical representation of personal growth and recovery has resonated deeply within communities, making Moiz's initiative a ground-breaking tool in mental health therapy.
Hardik Singh_Outstanding Contribution to Young People Award
Hardik Singh - Member of Youth Parliament Outstanding Contribution to Young People Award
Hardik Singh, a 16-year-old Member of Youth Parliament, wins the Inspirational Youth Awards 2024 Outstanding Contribution to Young People Award for his impactful advocacy. A former immigrant facing significant challenges, Hardik transformed his struggles into a platform for change, passionately representing over 330,000 young individuals. His notable achievements include delivering speeches at the Houses of Commons and creating a "Cost of Living Toolkit" to support families during economic hardships. Hardik’s unwavering commitment to improving youth policies and empowering young voices through substantial legislative initiatives marks him as a dedicated leader and changemaker.
Angel Akpovi_Arts & Culture Awardz
Angel Akpovi - Miss Teen Nigeria UK Arts and Culture Award
Angel Akpovi, a 16-year-old recipient of the 2024 Inspirational Youth Awards Arts & Culture Award of the Year, has significantly impacted her community through her creative and cultural endeavors. Engaged in arts from a young age, Angel has actively participated in community service, using her experiences to inspire her creative expressions. Her notable involvements include volunteering with mental health charities, organizing events, and serving as a school form ambassador, which have allowed her to advocate effectively for youth concerns.
Iveta Pudilova_Inclusivity Award
Iveta Pudilova - Happy Autistic Lady Ltd Inclusivity Award
Iveta Pudilova, the visionary behind Happy Autistic Lady Ltd, is the esteemed recipient of the 2024 Inspirational Youth Awards Inclusivity Award of the Year. At just 22 years old, Iveta has spearheaded initiatives that profoundly enhance inclusivity and understanding for neurodivergent individuals, particularly those within the autism community. Under Iveta’s leadership, Happy Autistic Lady has significantly expanded its reach and influence, securing a strong customer base and a substantial social media following, which further amplifies her message of inclusivity and acceptance. Iveta Pudilova’s dedication to enhancing the lives of neurodivergent individuals while challenging societal norms around disability and inclusion makes her a deserving winner of this award.
Neeco Chambers_Most Promising Rising Star in Employment
Neeco Chambers - InPower Academy CIC Most Promising Rising Star in Employment
Neeco Chambers, 22, from Wolverhampton, earns the Inspirational Youth Awards 2024 Most Promising Rising Star in Employment for his remarkable transformation and leadership within InPower Academy CIC. Discovering martial arts led Neeco from disengagement to becoming an inspirational coach and social media strategist, significantly enhancing organisational visibility. His initiative in leading an anti-knife crime campaign and direct engagement with over 1000 young people showcases his profound impact on community safety and youth mentorship. Neeco's journey from participant to leader exemplifies his potential and dedication to fostering positive change.
Anastasia Manousaridou_Outstanding Contribution to the Community Award
Anastasia Manousaridou Outstanding Contribution to the Community Award
Anastasia Manousaridou, aged 24, wins the Inspirational Youth Awards 2024 Outstanding Contribution to the Community Award for her exceptional leadership and community service at Aston University. As a student representative and multiple award winner, Anastasia led numerous initiatives, including the THIS GIRL CAN campaign and significant charity collaborations. Her efforts extended globally through volunteering with youth NGOs, emphasising sustainability and inclusivity. Anastasia's work not only bridged diverse groups but also set a sustainable path for future community interactions, making her an exemplary figure in community contribution and leadership.
Kwan Yuet Adora Wong_Student of the Year
Kwan Yuet Adora Wong - Aston University Student of the Year
Kwan Yuet Adora Wong, a 23-year-old student leader at Aston University, is awarded the Inspirational Youth Awards 2024 Student of the Year for her exceptional leadership and relentless advocacy for student engagement. As Vice President of Education, Adora spearheaded the 'Let’s Chat' campaign, achieving a landmark 1000 responses, and played a crucial role in Aston achieving TEF Triple GOLD—making it the only university in Birmingham to do so. Her dedication has significantly enhanced the academic and social experiences at Aston, demonstrating her profound impact on improving education quality and fostering a collaborative environment.
ZeZe Sohawon_The Wellbeing Award
ZeZe Sohawon - Emotion Dysregulation in Autism (EDA) The Wellbeing Award
ZeZe Sohawon, a 22-year-old advocate from Birmingham, is the Inspirational Youth Awards 2024 Wellbeing Award recipient. Having survived severe mental health challenges and multiple secure psychiatric settings from a young age, ZeZe transformed her harrowing experiences into a force for systemic change. She founded a charity focused on youth mental health and autism, successfully raising funds to support autistic youths with severe mental needs. Her proactive involvement has led to significant advocacy work in Parliament and substantial fundraising efforts, including a notable collaboration with Gymshark that raised £1 million for youth mental health. ZeZe's resilience and dedication inspire profound improvements in mental health care and awareness.
Ellie Howard _Entrepreneur of the Year
Ellie Howard - 1709 Productions Young Entrepreneur of the Year
Ellie Howard, aged 24, founder of 1709 Productions, has been awarded the Inspirational Youth Awards 2024 Entrepreneur of the Year. Starting her company in Sutton Coldfield at just 18, Ellie has emerged as a formidable force in the West Midlands music scene, especially within the Grime & Hip-Hop genres, areas traditionally dominated by male counterparts. Ellie's dedication to her craft and her role as a pioneer for young women in the music industry not only highlights her entrepreneurial spirit but also her commitment to breaking barriers and setting new standards. Her influence extends beyond creative direction, inspiring a new generation of women in media and entrepreneurship. Ellie Howard stands as a testament to what young innovators can achieve with passion, creativity, and determination.
Abdel-illah Boukhezer_Youth Activist of the Year
Abdel-illah Boukhezer Youth Activist of the Year
Abdel-illah Boukhezer, a 20-year-old political science and international relations student at the University of Birmingham, is honoured as the Inspirational Youth Awards 2024 Youth Activist of the Year. Abdel-illah has distinguished himself as a leader in fostering international cooperation, particularly between Britain and Algeria, through his roles with the Birmingham Economics Society and various Algerian NGOs. His leadership was instrumental in commemorating the first "Algeria Day" in Washington DC and Virginia, and his efforts have significantly enhanced bilateral relations. Abdel-illah's profound impact on both local and international communities, coupled with his academic achievements, exemplifies the essence of youth activism and leadership.
Tyrell Davis-Douglin_Campaigner of the Year
Tyrell Davis-Douglin - Prospect Living Campaigner of the Year
Tyrell Davis-Douglin, is the deserving recipient of the 2024 Inspirational Youth Awards Campaigner of the Year for his influential work in tackling knife crime and promoting youth empowerment across the UK. Through his organisation, Prospect Living, Tyrell has become a beacon of change, emphasising a community-centric approach that resonates deeply within urban communities affected by violence and socio-economic challenges.
Alfie Ford_Fundraiser of the Year
Alfie Ford - a4asdawareness Fundraiser of the Year
Alfie Ford, a 17-year-old from Chelmsley Wood, has been named the Inspirational Youth Awards 2024 Fundraiser of the Year for his exceptional efforts in raising awareness and funds for Autism. Alfie's journey began in April 2022 with a commitment to walk 10,000 steps every day for a month, a challenge that not only boosted his physical stamina but also his fundraising capabilities, gathering over £600 in his first year. More than just raising funds, Alfie has inspired a greater public understanding and acceptance of Autism through his dedication and visibility. His efforts go beyond mere advocacy, embodying a heartfelt commitment to making a real difference in how Autism is perceived and addressed in society. Alfie Ford stands as a beacon of youthful energy and determination, driving change and fostering inclusivity through his innovative fundraising approaches.
Kairo Williams_Inspirational Person of the Year
Kairo Williams - InPower Academy CIC Inspirational Person of the Year
Kairo Williams, at only 16, has earned the Inspirational Youth Awards 2024 Inspirational Person of the Year for his remarkable journey from adversity to advocacy. After surviving multiple stabbings, Kairo redirected his life towards empowerment, becoming a young leader at InPower Academy CIC. His resilience and commitment shine through his work in mentoring, public speaking, and his studies in Health and Social Care, aiming to become a youth worker. Kairo’s proactive creation of an anti-knife crime campaign and his influential talks have significantly impacted his community, making him a true beacon of hope and change.
George Brown_Sportsperson of the Year
George Brown - GB Ski Racer Sportsperson of the Year
George Brown, a 16-year-old alpine ski racer from Birmingham, is the Inspirational Youth Awards 2024 Sports Person of the Year. George’s journey from learning to ski at Ackers Adventure to dominating international competitions showcases his exceptional talent and dedication. Excelling across Europe with 16 podium finishes, including notable successes in the Lowland Championships and the British Championships, George has demonstrated immense skill and resilience. Balancing rigorous training with academic achievements, George continues to inspire as a role model in both athletics and academics, embodying the spirit of youth sportsmanship and excellence on a global stage.
Daniel Sundaram_Young Influencer of the Year
Daniel Sundaram - EconLearn Young Influencer of the Year
Daniel Sundaram, an 18-year-old from Leicester, is awarded the Inspirational Youth Awards 2024 Young Influencer of the Year for his exceptional contributions to financial literacy among youth. Recognizing a gap in financial education, Daniel utilized social media to educate young adults on crucial financial topics, reaching an impressive 110,000 followers. His engaging content on TikTok and Instagram, combined with notable collaborations with the Bank of England and BBC Bitesize, has significantly elevated financial understanding among teenagers. Daniel's innovative approach and commitment to empowering young people with essential financial knowledge exemplify his influence and dedication as a young leader.
Nahjae Nunes_Young Leader of the Year
Nahjae Nunes - Youth Activist Young Leader of the Year
Nahjae Nunes, a 22-year-old British Caribbean scholar and activist from Birmingham, is honoured as the Inspirational Youth Awards 2024 Young Leader of the Year. His leadership transcends academia and advocacy, deeply influencing global youth empowerment. As a postgraduate at Oxford, he leveraged his studies in international relations to advocate for sustainable development and equitable healthcare. Notably, as a Youth Adviser for the UN Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth, Nahjae orchestrated the impactful “Global Youth SDG Summit.” His work with the Commonwealth Youth Council further highlights his commitment to driving significant policy developments, truly embodying transformative leadership.
Jasmine Brittan_Young STEAM Personality of the Year
Jasmine Brittan - University of Warwick Young STEAM Personality of the Year
Jasmine Brittan, a 22-year-old student from the University of Warwick, wins the Inspirational Youth Awards 2024 Young STEAM Personality of the Year. Jasmine's impactful journey in engineering, particularly her work on sensor systems for environmental monitoring and artificial intelligence for aerospace, showcases her ingenuity and dedication to applying STEAM in practical, impactful ways. Her work has not only gained recognition from prestigious organisations, including a Fulbright Scholarship and a Royal Academy of Engineering Scholarship but also influenced major projects globally. Jasmine’s commitment to innovation and community involvement in STEAM education marks her as an exceptional leader and role model.
Apni Zaroorat Community Network_Youth Project of the Year
Apni Zaroorat Community Network Youth Project of the Year
Apni Zaroorat Community Network (AZCN), based in Dudley, is honoured as the Inspirational Youth Awards 2024 Youth Project of the Year. Since 2008, AZCN has significantly enhanced the quality of life for women, children, and families in the community, especially among Asian demographics. They provide invaluable services including education, health promotion, and poverty relief, creating a substantial impact on social inclusion. This year, AZCN's tailored activities and support for individuals with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) have been particularly transformative, enabling young participants like Faizan Ali to thrive, exemplifying their profound commitment to empowering young people.
T Roadz_Young Artist of the Year
T Roadz Young Artist of the Year
T Roadz, a 20-year-old rapper from Birmingham, is the Inspirational Youth Awards 2024 Artist of the Year. Starting his career at just 15, T Roadz has already made significant strides in the music industry, blending Grime and Rap to create a unique style. His notable performances include headlining at the Ministry of Sound Club and featuring in a Levi's music project documentary alongside Mist. He has also graced stages like the o2 Academy. Recognised for his innovative sound and influence, T Roadz continues to inspire with his dedication to "Achieve Greatness," embodying the spirit of young, groundbreaking artists.